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What Sets Ascent Apart?

It’s even better than ozone!
Ascent Odor Remediation uses revolutionary technology to provide the most effective odor eliminator on the market. Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) works differently to remove tough odors at the source rather than just masking them like ozone. ClO2 is a natural odor eliminator and is one of the safest methods around.

Virtually no competition! ClO2 is much more effective than what most companies offer and there are few competitors in the marketplace. Get ahead of the competition and use the Ascent method now – the only method with guaranteed results.

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Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is is the only way to guarantee your clients that 99.9999% of viruses and germs, including the Coronavirus, have been killed. ClO2 mitigates odors at the source rather than merely masking them. It's also one of the safest methods used today.

Profit Potential

Few supplies are needed for treatment, leaving you a healthy profit margin. For example:

Fee to homeowner: $895
Product cost: $150-$200
Your Profit:   $695-$745

Training & Support

We offer full training materials to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Plus, we're available 24/7 to take your calls and texts.


Work with one of our trusted partners to gain access to our full suite of marketing materials including a branded website, business cards, flyers and more.

Common Odors Treated

Fire Odors

Pet Odors




What's Included

We understand how important it is to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why the Ascent Odor remediation system is quick and easy to adopt.

The information packet includes everything you need in terms of training and acquiring supplies. All of the supplies needed can be purchased from us, Amazon, and your local hardware store.

We’ll also connect you with our trusted marketing partner who can help you establish your presence, online and in your local market. 

Information packet

  • Comprehensive supply list
  • Step-by-step instructions and checklist
  • Detailed chlorine dioxide supply pricelist
  • Access to Ascent-branded marketing materials, including a website, business cards and flyers

Is It Right For You?

real estate odor remediation
Low Overhead

Low supply costs and inventory, and high margins give you ample opportunity for a high ROI. Plus you don’t need much space to stay stocked with chemicals and equipment.

office commercial odor remediation

Regardless of the economic environment, the importance of cleaning and health is higher to consumers than ever before. Demand stays constant during good and bad economic times – ensuring that your business won’t be affected by trends.

property odor remediation
Numerous Industries

Target audiences are plentiful, such as real estate agents, homeowners, auto dealers, hospitality, education facilities and so many more.

vehicle auto odor remediation
Simple Setup

Little to no experience is needed, so you’ll be up and running soon after training.

Information Request
Bill & Julie Erickson

About Us

Owner Bill Erickson created Ascent Odor Remediation and Sanitization after seeing a gap in the market for chlorine dioxide treatments. He has deep roots in residential and commercial real estate in the Omaha area, with 20 years experience as owner/operator of Integrity Cleaning, a commercial cleaning company, and 21 years at National Property Inspections, Inc., a home and commercial property inspection franchisor. Bill is passionate about helping homeowners, real estate agents, investors, and property managers keep their homes and commercial properties in great condition and protect the value of their investments. 

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a potent odor-eliminating gas with strong oxidizing properties. It works in a chemical reaction that involves the transfer of electrons between molecules and/or atoms. One of the most important qualities of chlorine dioxide is its high solubility in water, especially in cold water. Chlorine dioxide does not hydrolyze (or undergo a chemical breakdown reaction) when it enters water. Instead, chlorine dioxide remains intact as a dissolved gas in water. In comparison, chlorine dioxide is approximately 10 times more soluble in water than chlorine. 

Small odor molecules, like smoke from natural materials (roughly 0.1 micron) can easily embed into surfaces making their removal very difficult.  ClO2 is 100x smaller than a smoke molecule.  Another way of saying this, is that 80-100 ClO2 molecules could fit in a smoke molecule. This makes ClO2 the perfect option to oxidize the smoke residual leaving an odor free environment with no residue.

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